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Soesterberg Air Base with the 32nd

The 32nd Fighter Squadron of the US Air Forces Europe was stationed on Soesterberg Air Base between 1954 and 1994. Between 1978 and 1993 this squadron flew the F-15 Eagle.



These are so called 'spotting' photos. Because I only had a 50mm lens I could only photograph taxiing F-15 Eagles. The runway was too far away. The F-15s would extend their airbrake while taxiing to salute the spotters.


In October 1993 the 32nd held a Going Away Party. Where I made these two photos. Also check out the Media section of this website where I put up a 17 minute video I also made at this party.



Sports on base


On base was an American Football field where during the summer time the Americans played football. This game was between the Soesterberg Falcons and the Ramstein Rams.


These teams even had their own cheerleaders, the orange and white cheerleaders were from the home team 'the Soesterberg Falcons'. The black and white cheerleaders were from the visiting team 'the Ramstein Rams'.

When there was a game the NCO club organized a stand where they sold BBQed hamburgers and spare ribs. Absolutely delicious!

Memories of our Eagles to never forget!


I used to wear this patch on my jacket when I was 17 years old.